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The sustainable alternative to nursing clothes

ShirtUP = an entire nursing wardrobe

ShirtUP® transforms the tops you already have in your closet

into breastfeeding-friendly tops.

Shirtup Leder

"A small design for a big impact"

ShirtUP allows you to turn the tops you already own into breastfeeding-friendly clothes, and so the reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

ShirtUP with a consumption of only approx. 0.005 sqm of leather/cork, replaces approx. 0.85 sqm of fabric, which are needed to produce a single M-size T-shirt. If you add up the number of items of clothing that is normally required for a complete nursing wardrobe, the difference is even greater!


Leather for 1 ShirtUP® = 103L of water


Cotton for 1 T-shirt = 2500 L of water 

Since more than one top is normally required for a complete nursing wardrobe, the difference is even greater.


It takes about 2500L of water to make a cotton T-shirt, while about 17,100L of water is needed to make a kilogram of leather. A cow produces about 6.1 kg of leather (= about 104,310L per hide) plus the water for tanning the leather (170-550L/hide -- average = 360L) = a total of 104,670L._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
With an average size of a cowhide of 5.1 m², this results in a value of 20,523L of water per square meter of leather, or 103L of water consumption per ShirtUP
®.This means that 103L of water are required to produce a ShirtUP® compared to 2500L of water for a cotton T-shirt


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