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Can ShirtUP also hold thick sweaters?

Yes :) The magnet is strong enough to hold even thicker knitted tops like winter sweaters with high collars.

Tip:  Fit ShirtUP to the thickness of your top, by wrapping it once to hold thicker sweaters and twice for thinner blouses.


Will my stomach be visible when wearing ShirtUP ?
If you wear ShirtUP to hold up your normal top and you don't wear an undershirt underneath, your stomach will be visible. Normally, the baby lies before you and thus covers your stomach. But if you want to cover a little more, I recommend the 2-shirt method, where you wear a nursing top (or normal tank top) under your top ;)

Can my ShirtUP get wet ?
Both leather and cork are water repellent and robust materials. These materials were specially chosen for their easy wipeability (for example if stained with milk or baby spit). But to guarantee a long life for your ShirtUP, we recommend that you take it off in the shower and during a visit to the sauna or while swimming.

It is best to use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning and let it air dry.

Gift wrapping 

All ShirtUPs are packed with love and include instruction manual and are ready to give as a gift. ShirtUP is a perfect and meaningful birth gift for mom that she will cherish for years to come as a reminder of her breastfeeding days 

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