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Looking for an alternative to breastfeeding clothes


The Shirtup breastfeeding clip is simply a MUST-have for every breastfeeding mom! Above all, it makes breastfeeding in public easier. We moms have our arms free and can relax and devote ourselves to our baby. As a trained breastfeeding consultant, I am happy to recommend Shirtup. And all my breastfeeding moms are incredibly impressed!

Ramona Munk
Breastfeeding consultant and
attachment-based family counselor

Shirtup Blumen

Recommended by midwives and lactation consultants 


The Story

After the birth of my daughter, I felt overwhelmed like many other mothers. The constant breastfeeding and the fact that it was the only way to calm my daughter down didn't make the situation any easier.


As I usually wore normal clothes when breastfeeding - a sweater with a tank top underneath - the clothes often slipped over my daughter's face. As a result, I constantly had to hold them in place with one hand or my chin, which was very tiring.


One day I was sitting in the dark and thought about how to fix the clothes in place. As my online research didn't offer a suitable solution, I decided to develop my own breastfeeding clip to suit my needs...

Slow fashion-01_2-02.png

Premium sourced materials from Europe

Slow fashion-01_2-01.png

Helps reduce CO2 emissions and water consumption 

Slow fashion-01_2-03.png

Designed in Germany

Made in Italy

Slow fashion-01_2-04.png

Specially designed for the needs of breastfeeding moms

Premium cork from Portugal


Premium vegetable tanned

organic leather 

Rhabarber Kollektion ShirtUP

No more clothes that fall down your baby's face! 


ShirtUP nursing clip 

keeps your top up for a

relaxed breastfeeding

Shirtup Blumen

The clever and sustainable alternative to nursing shirts, nursing tops and nursing sweaters.

Transform all your regular tops into breastfeeding-friendly clothes!

& Awards
Innovations for Tomorrow Awards Hessnatur
Nomination 2022
Stoff im Kopf


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