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The Dilema with Maternity and Nursing Clothes

The reality is, that we end up buying maternity and nursing clothes from budget brands, since sustainable and fair made clothes are usually expensive (and for a good reason). Unfortunately budget clothes are often of poor quality and not fairly produced. After a couple of uses they are not even suitable for resale any more. So they will most likely end up being discarded. This way we end up contributing to an endless cycle of consumerism to which we don't want to contribute but unintentionally do anyway.

Like many other women, I also ended up buying some maternity clothes from discount labels. During pregnancy I bought a couple of maternity pants because I didn't really fit into mines anymore. It was either that or go out naked! I was lucky that the last trimester was during summer, so I was actually naked at home or wore baggy dresses to go out.

But then it was time to think about breastfeeding clothes. And at first I was completely lost. Is it really necessary I wondered? Can't I just pull up my shirt? But all my mom friends were talking about the best nursing tops, and nursing bras and so on. And even on the hospital list they recommend to have a nursing bra with you to wear after the baby is born.

Therefore I got myself some nursing bras, but I hated them all! And I ended up wearing my beloved "spaghetti" shirts. And over them my regular clothes. But I soon discovered that any top I wore was going to end up falling on my baby's face and me holding it with my chin.

And so I went on a quest for nursing shirts and pullovers. And oh my god! They were all so expensive and some of them didn´t make sense at all. Layers over layers and uncomfortable as hell. So I kept wearing my normal pullovers and complaining about my neck pain from holding them with my chin.

Until the idea of ShirtUP came along! And I was so happy I could finally wear all my pullovers and shirts without problems.

Long story short! ShirtUP is a great and sustainable alternative to nursing clothes.

I still haven't found the perfect alternative for maternity clothes, the best one is still to run around naked! ;)

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