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ShirtUP nominated for the Innovations for Tomorrow Award !

We are very happy to have been nominated for the Innovations for Tomorrow Award,

by Hessnatur.

Hessnatur is a leader and reference in textiles and sustainable fashion, so we are very grateful and honored to be considered for this award.

ShirtUP aims to be of help to breastfeeding mothers. Helping them to be more comfortable in this beautiful but tiring task. But we also focus on developing a product that not only helps to solve a problem, but does so with the least possible environmental impact.

Our motto is "less is more" and we align ourselves with the slowfashion culture. Our contribution to the fashion industry with ShirtUP aims to go one step further in this direction, to consume less and use what we already have!

Since ShirtUP can replace several nursing shirts, almost completely eliminating the need to buy new clothes, this contributes to minimize the impact of the fashion industry. We know it's a small contribution but every contribution counts :)

This nomination confirms that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue!

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