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The 2 Shirt Method + ShirtUP for Breastfeeding

The 2-shirt method is especially useful for breastfeeding in public, if you don't want your belly to show when you lift your shirt.

The method basically consists of wearing a tank top under your regular t-shirt or pullover. Use a stretchy tank top you can easily pull down, or a breastfeeding tank top with special snaps to uncover the breast.

Step 1: Lift up your regular shirt and fasten it with ShirtUP® to keep it from falling over your breast.

Step 2: Pull down your tank top (if it's a regular tank top) or unclip your nursing tank top to uncover your breast.

This allows your breast to be concealed with the top of your shirt, while your belly is covered with the tank top.

With this method plus ShirtUP® there is no need for a special nursing shirt or a nursing cover.

Foto by @Lea Mobilia

Foto by @Lea Mobilia

This method works really well with all breastfeeding positions. Whether lying down or sitting.

Extra recommendations:

If you breastfeed your baby in the carrier. I recommend to fasten the shirt with shirtup before, since it can be difficult to pull the shirt all the way up when the baby is already in the carrier.

My recommendation as a mom is to have 2 or 3 tank tops, either regular or nursing, to alternate when they get dirty

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I wish you a happy time breastfeeding!

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