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ShirtUP: my second child :)

I want to really thank my customers for their trust in my products and for the nice words that moms write to me saying that the Still-clips made their breastfeeding sessions easier, that fills me with happiness and satisfaction!

I also want you to know that any problem, doubt or claim, I am always available to answer you personally, I am not a corporation, I am a person, here you see me :) You can contact me in case of any problem ( I firmly believe that everything can be solved by talking first, so it is not necessary to leave a review with a complain. Please give me the chance to make it right first. Bad reviews can be very harmful to a business, especially small businesses.

We're too used to anonymity on the Internet, and we go around leaving our comments without ever thinking that there is a person on the other side, and not considering the damages that can be caused.

A little about how I work

All products are designed by me and I take care from the sourcing of materials to the design of the logo, to the online shop, to the shipping and beyond! I work from home, where I combine (sometimes more smoothly than others) my tasks as a mother together with my business. It is a job that I do with the greatest love and dedication. I do a quality control of each clip before sending it, and I am very exigent with myself and with what I do.

The truth is that ShirtUP is like my second child, so I take good care of my business and do everything to make it grow up happy and healthy :)

Have a nice day!


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